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  Personal Safety & Self Defense DVD
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Learn to Protect and Defend Yourself!
Self Defense by Jeff Gunnell

For people who cannot find the time to take a self defense class. This DVD goes through the basic thought process to increase your chances in a deadly situation.

Women's Self Defense
Martial Arts Techniques
Self Defense Techniques
Weapon Techniques
Safety in Urban/Rural Areas
Home Safety
Avoid Abduction
Ground Assaults
Neighborhood Prevention

Know Your Stuff DVD is just $15.00 + S &H

Or call 208-852-3373 to order.

At many different times in our life we put our personal safety into the hands of others. In reality, as we reach adulthood, we are responsible for our own safety.

We should teach ourselves, as well as our children, methods of self defense before they leave the nest and venture out into the world alone. Women need information on how to protect themselves and prevent possible dangerous situations. Know You Stuff DVD makes a wonderful gift for women, men and children.

The DVD "Know Your Stuff" gives the viewer the tools necessary to help defend oneself should the need arise. Jeff Gunnell has put over 25 years experience into this 40 minute DVD. Taking the time now to learn how to survive may save you life or the life of someone you love.
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